My First Public Talk

I gave my first “public talk” Tuesday night at the Zen Center. It was the first public talk we’ve had in a very long time, so no one from the public showed up. Except my husband – who is not technically a “member” of the Zen Center – so he sort of counts. Some of my sangha-mates were there, and it was nice to have their support.

My husband asked me a number of good questions. Some of them were from his Taoist perspective, others were from his trying to pretend to be a newbie. All were helpful. Some of my sangha friends asked questions, too. Other times, they jumped in and answered my husband’s questions. It was all quite lively and engaging. The question and answer period ran longer than my talk!

I’m relieved to have survived my turn in the barrel. I’m pleased with how it went. My friends (and I include my husband in this) gave me some helpful feedback. I know the next time I come up in the rotation, I’ll do an even better job.


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