Spirit Rock Retreat 2008, Prologue

I’ve been wanting to express my experiences on my recent retreat. I’ve decided the most effective way to do that is to publish the journal I kept while there. I kept a hand-written one, so that involves my typing it all up. I’m going to publish one day’s worth of journaling every few days on here. It’s a lot; I wrote a ton. (Zen Masters don’t let you take notes during most of their talks, so when the Tibetan Lama said we could, I took her up on it!)

A few notes on editing. First, I will omit references that could cause someone else embarrassment or difficulty. Second, some of the notes on teachings are incomplete as I took them to supplement hand-outs, not as a total record-keeping system. Finally, there may be inaccuracies. I was not familiar with Tibetan Buddhism prior to this retreat, and there may be some teachings I misunderstood.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this blog report on my retreat should be taken as instructional; it is offered for entertainment and inspiration.

The retreat was on Awakening Through the Sacred Feminine and was held at Spirit Rock in Woodacre, CA , September 21-28, 2008. Enjoy. Namaste!


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