Spirit Rock Retreat 2008, Epilogue

9-29-08 Long Beach, CA
9:30 AM

I had a very pleasant ride to the airport with Teresa. She’s a gracious and generous woman. She drives a hybrid – and the shuttle I took getting from the airport to Spirit Rock last week was a hybrid – so both directions I got to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Christine picked me up at the airport with her new boyfriend. (Funny how much things can change in a week.) He’s nice and the 3 of us had dinner at Super Mex, where Michael & I had our post-wedding lunch. Making small talk with a stranger, even an easy-going one like James, was taxing and I was glad to be home.

Ivy came running to meet me! I love that kitty. Hopefully, we can get the dogs today. I miss them.

Michael will be home [from Japan] in a few hours. Yea! I fed my depression demon again today, and I’m going to be working with it for a month. I’m still in a calm, quiet space. I don’t know how long it will last, & it doesn’t matter. I’m here now.


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