Present Moment, Only Moment

When I know I am going to be doing something in the near future, I start to prepare emotionally and mentally.  For example, when I know I will be going to sleep soon, I like to have a quiet environment to begin to still my mind. I don’t like to have a lot of noise and activity.  I love to watch motorcycle racing with my husband, but not soon before bed.  But why?  Why do I spend time in the present preparing for an event that may not come at the time expected, in the manner planned, or even at all?

My grandteacher Seung Sahn said, “When tree comes, only green; when sky comes, only blue.”  I say, “When motorcycle racing comes, only watch; when bedtime comes, only sleep.”  I resolve to do what I want or need to do until the moment it is time to do the next thing.


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