The Week in Review through 11/23/08


Demon Feeding:  1
Prajna Paramita Practice:  5
Zazen (periods):  4
Metta:  3

Chanting: 1


Talks attended:  2

Books Finished:
The Perfection of Wisdom” translated by R. C. Jamieson


Thursday night Tim gave a short dharma talk.  Sunday morning, Zen Master Jibong gave a long talk on the 4 Noble Truths and the 12-Link Chain of Dependent Origination.  I took about 8 pages of notes, in addition to the 12 pages of handouts he gave us.  Whew!  Heavy duty training.

Saturday evening we had a Buddha auction at the Zen Center.  Tim and another senior dharma teacher, Anita Feng, make amazing clay and porcelain Buddhas.  I got two statutes at such great prices, I felt like I was stealing.  I also got a pendant with a Buddha face.  It was a nice evening; I got to talk to some members of my sangha and get to know them better.



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