The Week in Review through 12/28/08


Prajna Paramita Practice: 1
Zazen (periods): 2
Metta: 4
Chanting: 2


The Abbot, Tim, was kind enough to lead practice Christmas morning. Sitting Zen seemed as good a way as any to celebrate peace on earth, so I attended. It was a wonderful way to mark the holiday for me.

Meditating every day has been a challenge. I missed a day this week for no legitimate reason. My illegitimate reason was that I was angry with someone close to me and didn’t feel like meditating. Yikes! I would have hoped by now that I’d have seen through that excuse, but I was tripped up by the “demon Mara” yet again. Luckily, as 13th Century Zen Master Eihei Dogen said, I can start over 84,000 times per second.



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